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    email Direct Marketing - Do you use? Which vendor?
    Here's another question for any of you who have experience with direct email marketing - do you guys recommend this as a strategy? I was thinking of using a combination of PPC and direct mail, but I realize email has become a fairly tired mode of communication, and am wondering what others think. Also, if you do use email marketing, do you have a particular vendor to recommend from whom you purchase your lists?


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    Every true marketer should build a list with email marketing. Email marketing software I recommend would be Interspire Email Marketer. They have a hosted free version at

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    Just like any marketing email marketing can be very effective if you do it right. You need to make sure you are sending things to the list that they find valuable. Research your list and know what they need and want and you can offer it to them through email. It can work very effectively along with ppc.
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    I would not recommend buying a list period.

    I'd also suggest that building up a decent house list is a job that very few PPC people will do well. They are both real full time roles and you'll end up paying more for your list members or compromise the integrity of CAN-Spam by accident in your process.

    There are many extremely good PPC people who should partner with extremely good e-mail people and vice versa.

    Just my 2 bits worth.

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