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    Native Remedies training -- for a monthly fee??
    Hey, I don't know what to make of the email I just got. Anybody else an affiliate with Native Remedies get this? I've copied and pasted the body of the email below:

    "Hello Everyone,

    We've received enough interest from all of you on the Native Remedies Affiliate Success Article Training program to warrant the trainers moving ahead and launching it.

    The program will teach you step by step - through forum discussion and weekly teleconferences - how use article marketing to drive traffic and generate sales.

    This training has already been proven to work with other affiliate programs, so there is nothing untested. Give it a chance and it will work for you if you put forth the required time and effort.

    The difference here is that rather than train you on other programs, the trainers, super affiliates Dan Ho and David Bloom, will teach you specifically how to sell products from Native Remedies. The products selected are our best sellers, which will lead to even higher conversion rates.

    Take a minute and read the information on this valuable training at and sign up to experience the success for yourself!"

    I guess my concerns would be something like this:

    1. The cost for NR affiliates to take this training, if I understand the info at the link I XXXXed out, is $26.95 per month. The regular price for non affiliates appears to be $29.95 per month. There's also something about another $14.99 a month for a website. I was totally unclear about that.

    2. This appears to be a sales letter for an internet marketing guru named Dan Ho and his instructional/mentoring serivice. Anybody ever hear of him?

    3. Why on earth would Native Remedie CHARGE affiliates for this supposedly super-duper, custom training? Don't they stand to profit anyway from those who are successful as their affiliates?

    4. It irritates me, I guess, that I should be charged for training when I've signed on and as an affiliate already work to put up links, etc., on my websites -- from which they benefit. Sort of violates that old adage that anyone who charges you to be an affiliate is not to be trusted.

    Now, let me be perfectly clear -- NONE of this training is required. It is completely optional, and I understand that.

    I guess I just take it the wrong way that Native Remedies is not offering this "training" FREE to any of their affiliates who would benefit from it. Seems like they are shilling for Dan Ho (not to be confused with the late, great singer Don Ho!), rather than doing all they can to help affiliates make sales FOR THEM.

    Am I over reacting? Just not getting it? I suppose both of those. LOL!
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