Seriously, just doing some updating and you guys really need to fix this, a problem for years now.

Just some examples I see today.

ADT is deactivated. They still show as active.

Beyond Bedding is terminated. They show in the Approved Merchants with TERM - Beyond Bedding. Ok but with other merchants that are terminated they don't show in the Approved List they show in the Deactived Merchants list. Pick one.

Delightful Deliveries. Links are working. Usually when a merchant is terminated the links don't work. It has TERM in front of it in the approved list, they don't show up on the deactivated list.

You also have merchants that terminate or deactivate that just completely vanish with no trace whatsoever, have some old threads on that.

No rhyme or reason to it. Just put all the Terminated merchants in one place, how about the Terminated section you have. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.

Now I'm going thru the rest of them.