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We are offering free international shipping until the 5th of next month on all orders placed on www.oki-ni.com.

oki-ni is a well established high end online men's fashion & lifestyle retailer with a unique stable of brands & designers that surpasses any e-commerce menswear store in the current market. Oki-ni also has a unique range of collaborative co-branded clothing with top fashion brands that are totally exclusive to oki-ni. This unique offering that is international in scope offers a fantastic opportunity for affiliates that want to promote exclusive products to a global market.

We are currently offering some very attractive offers to help promote the program.
Affiliates: Until the 31st of August we will be giving all new affiliates the chance to win 250 ($440) cash or 500 ($880) to spend on oki-ni. With each sale you make you will be entered into the draw, so the higher your sales the higher your chances of winning.

Customers: To help promote this offer to customers until the 5th October we will be offering Free shipping on all domestic and international orders. The code FREESHIPPING or freeshipping needs to be entered at the checkout to qualify (the codes will expire on the 5th October 2008).

Key affiliate information
conversion rate of 1.5%
High Average Selling Price - 150 ($260)
Excellent Commission - 10%
XML Feed for all products available online

As a leading online men's fashion retailer we pride ourselves on the resources and personal support that we offer to our affiliates. We regularly offer special promotions and voucher codes that add an even more competitive edge to our product range. Please email me if you need any.
We have a dedicated blog for affiliates that is regularly updated with new creative and copy: http://affiliate-oki-ni.blogspot.com

We also have a dedicated content blog that is regularly updated on all the new exclusive products that we will soon be stocking. This blog contains plenty of copy and images that you can freely use: http://oki-ni.blogspot.com/

We also offer email creative that you can use for any e-broadcasts you may want to do to your database. These factors, coupled with the availability of a dedicated online partnerships manager, should help to ensure that any affiliate marketing you undertake in partnership with oki-ne should be very successful.

If you would like more information or would like to sign up please visit Affiliate Window on the below url or contact me on the below contact details. http://www.affiliatewindow.com/merch...merch&mid=2083

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