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    Popshop Beginner questions
    Hi everyone. I'm new to popshops and have a few questions. I have an affiliate website that is under construction. It will basically be a showcase of about 4 merchants products all categorized. They can either search by clicking on a category or subcategory or they can type in a search term. I plan to have a search box to make it easy to find products based on what the user types in. The results would show all items that match the search from the 4 merchants. If they search animals, I want it to show all the animal items. If they enter cats, then it would only show cat items. I presently have the free subscription to popshops and will upgrade if necessary. My questions are:
    1. What is the best way to set up the search feature. Should I set up a stand alone search feature as outlined in Popshops FAQ section or should I attempt to set it up using my website building software? My website is presently Html. All the merchants and links will be through popshops.

    2. After I have picked the items and have pasted them into my website, can I then delete those items from the shop or do I need to leave them in there in order for my site to be dynamic? I want the pictures and links to remain current without having to redo my website everytime the merchants feed is updated. I am also worried about discontinued items. My site will have 1000's of items and the free subscription only allows 10 shops so can I delete them after pasting or do I need unlimited shops to stay dynamic, current and updated automatically?

    3. The free subscription has javascript links. Should I upgrade and use PHP instead? I presently have Html file extensions for my website files. What steps will I need to take to use PHP links? I want to build my website right the first time and I want to make sure my site is SEO and browser friendly.
    I would appreciate any and all help.
    Thanks. Scott

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    Lots of questions and many choices for answers.
    If you delete a shop from your PopShops account it will no longer exist. The shop must exist in your PopShops account to have products showing on your site.
    Javascript is quick and easy but invisible for the Search engines like Google. They do not "see" any products on your pages with javascript.
    HTML from PopShops is not dynamic. You will need to update those shops manually. PHP is the way to go and you can use php on HTML pages but you'll need to alter your .htaccess file to do that. There are many threads on ABW with the instructions for adding in ModRewrite or you can find it at
    If you read through the threads here on the PopShops forum you'll find many answers to your questions as well. Most of this has been covered by others with the same questions.
    Good luck and welcome to ABW!

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