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    Thumbs up Which of the major networks is strongest in finance?
    Asking from an advertiser angle here: which of the major US networks would you say is likely to have strongest army of finance affiliates. For a bank savings account affiliate program - no cheeky remarks based on what's been happening with banks of late please

    Also, which networks insist on exclusivity for advertisers? Will LS budge?


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    Go with the financial-targeted networks -,, and the likes (only ever worked with those two). Linkshare won't budge on the traditional affiliate side to my knowledge, but you can get a non-exclusive presence in Linkshare through their LeadAdvantage program. That's an entirely different model, and exposes you to a different affiliate audience than the standard network, and includes other networks that broker offers from Linkshare (in fact, I believe that NCS will actually broker offers from LeadAdvantage).

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    Hi Guys

    I'm honestly trying to weigh things up here on whether to signup to one of these card networks and spend a week modifying my templates, or just stick with my AdSense rev which is totally stable each day. I have no idea what the percentage is for successful leads/payouts but I suppose it probably in the 5% kind of mark - am I right?

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    PartnerWeekly can help you in the finance space. Give me a call or drop me an email!
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