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    Question Does an advertiser have to be exclusive on LS?
    Does LS accept advertisers who are not exclusive to the network?

    Many thanks.

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    I think not normally.

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    LinkShare has always insisted on being the "exclusive" affiliate network for each of its merchants. It has made very rare exceptions for some "really large" merchants (including one which "appeared to be really large" but turned out not to be). I'm not sure if any of these exceptions have survived as non-exclusive relationships beyond a year.

    When considering exclusivity, talk to other merchants who previously were exclusive with that network but later switched to a different network or an in-house solution. There are some very specific reasons why some merchants leave particular networks, and there are some very specific "problems" that arise from such transitions. And there are some very specific advantages and drawbacks associated with "exclusive" or "non-exclusive" affiliate networks or technologies.

    Quite frankly, I just don't understand why ANY company would sign on with LinkShare at this point; as noted in another thread, Google's acquisition of Performics is a very powerful "force" impacting LinkShare. Even if I could set aside my strong dislike for LinkShare (stronger than my dislike for CJ and Performics), I honestly can't think of any legitimate business reason for a merchant to sign on with LinkShare now (unless the merchant is planning or hoping to be acquired by LinkShare's parent company, or by another company that favors LinkShare.) I'd appreciate any insight from others who can think of any business reasons why a merchant might choose LS now instead of another affiliate network.

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