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    I'm aware with a number of advertisers/networks/offers that promise "immediate commissions" and follow through with weekly payment, but they've all been in the porn or gambling industries, and most have been accused of defaulting on those promises (by affiliates whom the firms accused of fraud).

    Some CPA networks (specializing in "pay per lead" offers) also promise faster and more frequent payment -- for example, new and used car-buyer leads -- but again, there is invariably a reasonable delay or hold-back for new accounts.

    Although I understand the cash-flow issues that many affiliates face (especially those using PPC or other paid-traffic sources to drive affiliate sales), any professional relationship will require a reasonable payment delay to identify potential fraud. Some networks (such as SHareASale) require that merchants deposit funds to cover affiliate earnings, which increases the certainty of payment, but transactions can still be "held" or "reversed" if fraud is suspected or if orders are cancelled.

    Common sense dictates that no business can sustain a payment model that allows for immediate payments to be made to new partners (some of whom will invariably turn out to be crooks). Keep in mind that most merchants are subject to "hold periods" for credit card transactions and even for checks. And watch out -- some folks who promise "immediate payment" will turn around and reverse the transaction, or grab the funds back from your bank account -- or they might never deposit, and still try to grab money from your account!

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    Good Question Great Answer, You know why people ask about the instant commission, when I first started this I purchased the Process Rebates prgrm and in it stated that commissions were instant. Which I now no to be false. yes you can stop laughing now, but it is misinformation like that makes all the true people selling how to ebooks seem fishy. You waste $197.00 on one program then you think all are like that. Yes that is the amount I paid.

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    Thanks Mark for your common sense response to the seemingly "too good to be true" question.


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