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    AJAX Not Working
    I've been playing around with AJAX and can't get anything to work. I've tried about 20 different scripts, from all different places, and nothing works. I'm specifically trying to create dynamic content but none of the 'dynamic' part is working.

    Are there any common errors I might be making that would keep EVERY script from working?

    I'm on HostGator..

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    Try Comet...

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
    I don't know much about Ajax, but isn't it a server-side language? Any includes needed? Headers? File extensions? You know, all the general stuff...


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    I get all my scripts and info from dynamicdrive dot com.

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    Maybe you can post your code so we can have a look. AJAX is just Javascript so it doesn't matter what host you're using, they all work the same. You might also want to install Firebug for Firefox to debug your Javascript. It's very helpful for finding errors.

    - Scott
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    I've got some Ajax working now..

    Instead of using larger scripts from various places, I read a nice Ajax beginner tutorial and built a simple application (which is all I need). It's working fine and I understand it enough to build on it.

    Nothing about my host, HostGator, kept me from using Ajax..

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