I am trying to create an ezine style affiliate website, I already have a blog at the domain I want to use, but want to incorporate a shopping section of all affiliate products from datafeeds.... and add much more content...I want it to be a very "fun" site.

I have read a ton on the options available for showcasing actual affiliate products on the site, but none seem to lead me in the direction I want to take the site in...I am looking to mix a good CMS system with a shopping area...kind of like this site:

www. pamperedpuppy. com (spaces removed!)

I have tried to figure out how they created this site..is it a CMS, if so how did they accomplish that shopping area?!

I have built several websites, but have always used wordpress and zen-cart as my primary sources...so I am just wondering if there are other options that would allow me to accomplish that look?!?

Thanks in advance for any help or direction!!!