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    Using the search tool on for Newbies
    For many new members, you may ask a question and a ton of people simply just say to use the search tool. However, the search tool can be confusing and it may be hard to find what you are actually looking for. You may also end up finding some incorrect information depending on what type of info you are looking for.

    For example, if you are looking for search engine marketing tips, something you need to look at is the date of the post you are gathering information from. As we all know, Search Engine Land changes almost daily and one thing which may have worked a couple years ago (white hat methods) could now be grey hat or no longer exist. An example of this is if you find a thread about Yahoo PPC (Overture pre-2006) which may no longer be accurate since they flipped over to Panama. If your question is about bidding, you used to be able to buy your ranking in the first second or third space, etc... but now you have to bid for it on Panama, so if your question is about bidding, the older threads may not help you. They may also get you lost in that you could end up searching Yahoo for hours trying to figure out how to buy your space, when in reality, you no longer can.

    The next thing to think about when searching is to be as specific as possible. Instead of searching for affiliate management, think about the answer you are looking for and then try something like Affiliate Management Companies, even make it more specific and add in Orlando or California, or Utah.

    Instead of Best Affiliate Network, try searching for B2B affiliate network or B2B affiliate programs. You will find many biases at ABW towards what is the best so try using a different search term (excluding the word best) that will pull the answer you are looking for. In the example above I am launching a B2B program and want to know the best network to put it on. The search terms following are the ones that may bring me a better result which is also more targeted than just searching Best Affiliate Network. You may also want to just look through the threads at the Networks you are already considering.

    Now, once you know your terms, there are many options to help you narrow down your results. You can exclude posts without responses (I would not recommend this), you can narrow it down to a particular forum, user, basically anything. Just be sure not to narrow it down to much or you may loose out on the thread that could have really helped you the most.

    There is a lot more you can do with the search feature here at ABW, however I am going to leave it to others to fill in the rest of the search functionality. If one of the mods knows if you can use " ", etc... that would be a great follow up.
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    Well said...

    If I might add my two-cents worth.. the various forum sections are laid out in a VERY helpful way (this becomes evident over time).

    Sometimes browsing all the questions in a sub-forum yields more relevant info than a straightforward search. I realize this thread is all about effective searching, but for me I didn't necessarily know the precise wording to use to find answers..

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