Dear Affiliate Program Managers,

I know you're a busy group so I'll keep this short and to the point. Having put up a bunch of new pages recently, I've found that many of your programs do not include a standard group of advertising banners. In my opinion, every affiliate program manager should create at a MINIMUM 5 types of banners - 88x31 (micro bar), 120 x 60 (button), 125 x 125 (square button), 468 x 60 (full banner), and a 120 x 240 (vertical banner). I found some programs here at ABW have only two or three of these. While I've seen articles that say ad banners are on their way out, I diasgree. There still is a good number of people using them. And the cost is so minimal to have these 5 done.

I hope you agree with me. I think it would help more affiliates like myself to promote your goods and make everyone more money.

Kindest regards,