Last week I was checking my server log and I noticed some strange results. Google was sending people to my site for terms that were found in my links menus.

But that wouldn't be too bad if it actually brought them to the page that they would be looking for. Since these links are found on all the pages Google might send them to any page and it would be rarely the right page.

Looking closely at the Google index of pages for my site I found that there seemed to be a phantom index. There were a few pages in the main index, the rest of my pages were in the supplemental index, and then there were these goofy listings in what I call a phantom index.

I say phantom because if you add the total number of pages in all three indexes you come up with more pages than I have on the site. In addition to the 500 I have visible doing there was another 100 that you could find by searching with "keyword site:my".

Normally I build my sites using the Source Ordered Content-SOC method, but on this site since I wasn't using any absolute positioning I let it slide. SOC, for those that don't know the term, is just simply the idea of giving Google your content ahead of all the other page elements.

Some might say it's a waste of time but I spent a day tweaking my code so that now Google should give me some pretty listings if it decides to give me listings at all. It was just a matter of getting some absolute positioned DIV elements around the parts of the code that I wanted to fall below my content. Then since they were absolute positioned I could just move the code down and everything worked.

The only thing different to the user is that the banner area loads last. Since the page loads fast anyway it's hardly noticeable.