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    Do You Have A Stack Of Internet Business Books To Read?
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    Do You Have A Stack Of Internet Business Books To Read?
    By Joseph Ratliff

    This post isn’t about what you think.

    I will get straight to the point…

    Have you ever built a little stack of books, e-books printed, or other information that you had to read before adding something to your business, or starting a business, etc… ?

    Stay with me here…

    You know, the stack that conveniently keeps getting bigger so you never seem to get to the bottom, so you can start taking action?

    Here’s the thoughts that you may be having, that are associated with this mindset:

    * “I will just read that book…then once I am done…I will _______________________”

    * “I am almost finished reading this 300 page book…I better look for another resource to make sure I have all the information I need before I ________________________________”

    * “This book is great! But I need to make sure that the information is solid, so I better get another book to make sure the info in this plan is right.”

    Book after book, your stack keeps building…and you keep making excuses not to take action on anything you’re reading.

    A million dollar business is waiting for you…but you would rather keep building up your stack of books.

    Come on people…this is business…and I am reminded at this moment of a statement made a long time ago, that applies even more with the internet:

    “Those that think they can’t do something, are usually passed up by someone already doing it.”

    Here’s what I do now, as I am reading a book, to take action and make very profitable changes in my own business:

    –> First, I change my mindset about reading the book from “I am going to read the whole thing and decide if I am going to take action on what I read”, to ” I am going to take action on what I read, and here’s how”.

    –> Then, I break a book or e-book up into sections, could be chapters, and have a notepad handy…not to take notes…but to prepare an action plan as I read along.

    –> By the end of the book, I will have an action plan already prepared…and I put dates and times into my business plan as to when I will complete that plan and add whatever actions to my internet business.

    The big picture is to view a book or other information source as a map of some sort…not an excuse to avoid taking action and wishing you could accomplish something.

    That way, since you’re so busy taking action by using your action plans that you will develop from now on…you won’t add to your stack of internet business books.

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