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    I"m involved in this rwanda orphanage project. p=
    if any mod or admin think this isn't ok, please remove if it violates rules, but my family and I are involved in this charity project p=.

    I just wanted to post this, as I know many affiliates, merchants here donate to charity, etc, and thought you might be interested in this, and even merchants can help as while as they do need of items, some of my family is involved in this as well, and I'm actually helping as well.

    here is some information about this non-profit organization and you can deduct taxes if you do contribute.

    The Rwandan Orphans Project

    Currently, 200 kids have been rescued from the streets and brought together in an unfinished warehouse to form El Shaddai Orphanage. El Shaddai is struggling to provide food, water, shelter, education, security, health care and other basic necessities to these children. This project is also working to provide athletic and cultural activities, vocational training and mentoring and “catch up school”. These programs are intended to help the kids fit into society. El Shaddai will be forced to move to a new location in the future. Help is needed to purchase land and build at the new site.
    Aside from food and shelter, the greatest need of these kids—and their best hope for a better future—is secondary education. The Rwandan Orphans Project's goal is to raise enough funds to build a new facility that will provide a safe, secure environment at a remote, semi-rural location well removed from the current location, where many of the kids found shelter but have not been able to get away from their pasts as street beggars and petty thieves.

    rwanda orphanage project

    note: The Rwandan Orphans Project has applied for 501c3 status as of January 2, 2008. All donations are tax deductible.

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    I checked out the site. Seems like they are attempting to do a very good work. I always like it when you don't have a huge administration siphoning off funds from the needy and this one seems on target.

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