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    Does content still matter?
    well as you know i'm back, i have alot of research to do, lol to get back into this industry, but what are your views on utilizing content related to whatever you decide to sell. you know does content generation(paragraphs, descriptions, etc) still work these days. what are your views about content, textual content? still important?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jc101
    Does content still matter?

    well as you know i'm back, i have alot of research to do, lol to get back into this industry,
    Hey JC, just like the other question about: "Does Size Really Matter?", it's up to you to figure that one out...

    But here is a cheap spanish line from an spanish furniture commercial: "Aquí lo que importa es: El Cash!"

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    lol, i'v been gone so long that i think i should do some research before i actually get back into this.

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    Content matter more than ever. Quality unique content, not content that has been copied or scraped. Google will know and can detect that. Usually the one that was the original poster will get credit anyways but there are people out there that send bots to scrape your site so keep a watch out.

    Content matters even when you are using PPC to drive traffic. Google does not like thin affiliate sites or sites that are just a regurgitation of merchants datafeeds. So create a site that you would see that would add value to the world wide web and G will reward you.

    Create something you are passionate about so that when in the middle of the night you are the only one up, you have that fire in your belly to burn the candle and keep you going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladidah
    Content matter more than ever. Quality unique content...

    Content is that very undergirding factor of the whole Web 2.0 era. It mattered before the "new era", it matters, and I have all reasons to believe that it will outlast everything else. It's precisely the unique and relevant content that facilitates the user engagement, enhancing the overall online experience and improving the quality of online shopping.


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    you know does content generation(paragraphs, descriptions, etc) still work these days.
    The bolded part, yes, people do like to know what they'll be buying if they Click There.

    And sales pitches are good, at least, if you're any kind of a writer.

    But the term "content generation" or just "paragraphs" brings to mind something more automated, like stuff from a Markov Generator. Sadly, "content generation" programs still suck, from a human standpoint, due to producing gibberish (or, if trying to avoid gibberish, requiring as much work as old-fashioned writing). The amount of this type of faux-"content" ranking well in the engines varies, but right now, I haven't been seeing too much of it in high positions.

    As for what "works" it also depends on your definition of the word. I think something "works" if it brings a decent conversion ratio, and that that's more important than just ranking (although it needs to rank, too, there's more to getting ranked than c*ntent). Others seem to think something "works" if it will rank well, whether or not the resulting traffic will actually buy anything or not!

    but what are your views on utilizing content related to whatever you decide to sell.
    Like pepper, a little goes a long way.

    And, you get what you aim for. If you put up generalized information, guess what, that gets you people who've already bought their stuff somewhere else and now need to know what to do with it (cuz the loser they did buy from gave no [or inadequate] instructions)!

    So I say put up PRODUCT information, but not much generalized info. Standard usage instructions should be in the item's box. If the customer has lost their instruction sheet, they can go to the merchant's site.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    My view has always been that affiliate marketers profit by "adding value" for consumers -- by serving their needs. "Content" is how we do that.

    Usually, "content" is original writing -- but sometimes you can deliver value (without any original writing) by finding a more useful way to present existing information (organization, selection, ranking).

    Most automated content-generation systems don't work very well, and Google is pretty good at discovering these. In general, most automated content systems simply seek to "fool" Google (and consumers) into believing that they offer useful content -- but usually they do not.

    The human brain is a remarkable tool that no automated tool can match (yet). Humans can quickly detect "regurgitated content" or "collected content" that doesn't actually help them. (This is true for both automated content AND content produced by people who can't communicate effectively in written English.) To be effective, you need to have "some" writing skills AND some knowledge, experience, and interest in the subject matter.

    Add value. Provide information that's more clearly written than other resources on the web. Provide information that helps consumers better understand something. Provide information that helps consumers move forward with a purchase decision.

    Sometimes you can add value by deliberately serving a narrower market segment. Don't try to create a site about "digital cameras," which thousands of people have done. Instead, focus on a smaller audience. Create a site for "non-professional photographers who've been asked to photograph a family member's wedding," or a site about "taking better digital pictures at the beach." Or create a site for plumbing contractors who repair condominiums. Be original. Be unique. Add value.

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    Even for sites like a BANS based site they are finding that you still have to add content (value) to the site besides just having a bunch of listings.

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    I'm with Geno, Mark ladidah and Leader. Content matters now more than ever. Whether you are looking to generate long-term revenue streams or even if you're just looking for a fast buck. In today's internet marketing environment, you're at a disadvantage if you attempt to consistently shortcut the process of creating content by relying on content generating software.

    You also mentioned textual content. IMO, textual content is the gold standard. I suppose a really well done flash site or a site with a lots and lots of images could theoretically do well...IF it was supplemented heavily by PPC. But generally speaking, getting "high-tech" at the expense of SEO or user / customer experience takes an unnecessary risk if you want to remain profitable.

    So my short answer is: Content still matters. And textual content is even more important if you plan to earn a living online.

    Hope this helps!

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    Great content on the topic of content Mark . I also agree that finding the right niche is very important, and it takes some creativity.

    I'm still pretty new but I have heard the phrase "content is king" a lot. Simarly, if you will be making any efforts toward a link building campaign, text links in any related content tend to convert much better than banner graphics or any other type of links I've heard.

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    I've made 99.999999999999999999999999999% of my money with 100% original content and with out the help of advertisin.

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    YES, YES. YES. Content is more important than ever. Sure there are people who know what product they want to buy and just shop around for sites with the best coupons for that product but to get customers interested who hadn't started out shopping for a particular product there is nothing better than interesting and/or useful content. Isn't that what most people who are on the net doing ( besides social networking, gaming or looking at porn ). People use the net as a place to gather information. If you can provide that information and also can point them to a place to buy something that is somehow connected to the content then it is a win-win situation.

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    Content is king
    Unless you have a bucket load full of bucks for advertising, content is ALL THAT COUNTS. "Content is king," as Sumner Redstone said... and as the google bots would echo.

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    Unique content is still king
    There is no doubt about that
    What's that saying, 'It's words that convert'
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    I have been, and continue to be, successful with content. Origianal content, that is - not auto-generated content. There are no shortcuts to doing it right.
    Bill / Marketing Blog @ 12PM - Current project: Resurrecting my "baby" at South Baltimore..
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    Content is extremely important. Original content. I agree with Beachy, no shortcuts!

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    Never think that Content is not so important... The type of content you produce influences the popularity and profitability of your website. People will often subscribe to and read blogs that are well-written and informative or entertaining.
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    Welcome to ABW BizBlogged1. As a newbie, your website links and manual sigs aren't allowed. You're welcome to read, introduce yourself here; Introduce Yourself, post, and network.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HardwareGeek
    I've made 99.999999999999999999999999999% of my money with 100% original content and with out the help of advertisin.

    (but when I think about it, I can't think how the last bit was made without content)

    Maybe ask those who just use datafeeds with nothing extra how they're doing for the answer.

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