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    Potpourri Group Drastically Reduces Commissions
    A few months ago I joined Potpourri Group (I think I got a solicitation email or offer, or something - I had never heard of them before). They had a handful of products I had some interest in, but not many, and I put up only a few links, and I doubt I ever had a sale with them.

    They have a group of sites, some paying 10%, most 12%, and some as much as 15%-20% commissions.

    Well, they just sent out an email stating that after "careful consideration and evaluation of both internal and external market factors" they are reducing all commissions to 5%. That, for some sites, is as much as a 75% cut!

    Great way to grow a program. Why don't they just end it instead - that would be easier to accept from the affiliate standpoint.

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    I hear you AffiliateHound, I wasn't thrilled with this new either.

    I have posted some of their product links, which luckily can be easily removed through PopShops. I had plans to base some pages around several of their products but for 5% it hardly seems worth the effort now.

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    Like Affiliate Hound I only added them recently. Haven't exactly gone nuts with their links but then I haven't had a single sale either. So with this news I'll be removing the links I've put up for them. Why send a customer to them when I can send the customer to someone who's willing to pay me a decent commission?

    (Now I remember why I don't work with CJ merchants much anymore.)

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    Makes me look fondly at the days when they were neglecting their affiliate program. They didn't communicate with you but at least you got your 12% and there were sales. Now, they send out group emails and I have had contact with them, but a 60% decrease in commissions is unacceptable. I emailed them and told them I'll have all my links removed by next wednesday when the 5% goes in effect.
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