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    Cool My ISP spam filter works so well now....
    that pretty much the only spam I get now are in foreign languages I can't (and presumably my spam filter) can't read. I can't remember the last time I got english spam or maybe its so few it gets drowned out by the foreign language spam. But now I get spam in, spanish, german, russian, japanese, french and chinese. (Of course since I don't read any of these languages, I don't know if I'm actually get dutch, italian or any eastern european languages, of course maybe its not chinese, maybe its korean or vietnamese.)

    Makes one wonder am I being spammed about the usual things genital enlargement, gambling sites and credit??? Maybe I should look them over more carefully and see what I'm being spammed about, I might learn what the word penis is in several languages. :-)

    Have you guys noticed this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oranges
    I might learn what the word penis is in several languages. :-)
    A rose by any other name, still a rose...

    But, are you sure you want to know how thorns are called on other languages?

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    Ever since I switched mail to Gmail, I don't really see spam, in any language.
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    The only spam I get is from networks/opms and I don't mean affiliate programs that I belong to. An affiliate newsletter is not spam to me but those recruitment emails when you have settings to prevent them, are aggravating.

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