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    Talking Best email script to solicit affiliates and publishers
    I am looking for ideas and samples of the best email scripts to attract affiliates to join your affiliate program.

    I have identified 300 publishers that would be a great place for my affiliate program so I want to email them.

    Any help would be great.


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    I would stay away from scripts if possible and try to be as personable as you can. Start off by telling them something that you like about their site or if you found a spelling error or broken link that they might want to know about.

    Don't overwhelm them, but make sure you give them the basics, commissions, tools for them, tracking info, some background info, etc. Try to promote conversation and a relationship, not just sell your program. I think you'll be more successful if you place yourself in their shoes and take a more humble approach, even if you are very confident about your program.

    Make it as easy for them as possible and have patience, it's not going to happen overnight. I have about the same number of prospects and I have not used a script. It is a little time consuming, but this is what it takes I think. I'd also recommend picking up the phone after a while. With all the spam and email that your potential affiliates get, sometimes this is a better way.

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    300? WOW, why do you want to lose all of them in a matter of minutes (by using a script)?

    Follow what FontMarketplace says, he's on the money!
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    I probably wouldn't even read your e-mail if it was not personalized and accurate. Use a script and you will lose out big time

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    I'm with FontMarketplace on this one. Never, ever, send out bulk recruiting emails. Never. Individual, personalized, emails are the way to go. Recruiting is something we do every day here and each site is identified individually and each email is directed to that one affiliate. We mention the site we looked at, many affiliates have more than one site, and even where on their site we think is a good fit. Sure, it's a lot slower but you need to do it right.

    Ask everyone you know how much they like bulk unsolicited emails. Then ask yourself why would you use that method to promote your business.
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    I join the above four posters in the claim that personalized approach is everything, especially when it comes to affiliate recruitment. You'll do more good to your affiliate program if you split the 300 potential affiliates into smaller groups and contact them through personalized e-mails/offers over a longer a period of time than just shooting a quick e-mail blast to all of them.


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    I received a spam solicitation from some merchant the other night. Do not do this, it will not make you any friends. In my case I wanted to know where he got my contact info and as soon as I get some time I will go and see what network the program and the AM are with to complain. Some affiliates have their network settings checked to permit contact but even those affiliates are not eagerly awaiting a mass mailing. Do it right and be successful.

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