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    Hi there abestweb!

    I've been lurking here for a long time and feel like I know enough to start building some sites and figuring out the rest as I go. With a 15 month old baby and a fix-er-upper house it's really hard to find the time to get anything finished.

    So to help me get something done and also because I'm a gadget loving geek, I bought a Mac Powerbook over the weekend. I figured I could work during my commute and during lunch at work. A few hours a day is better than nothing and hopefully if I get some momentum going I'll get motivated to start working when the little monster and the wife go to sleep.

    During the day I'm a consulant and do mostly VB/SQL/ASP/some C# etc. (mostly Microsoft based tech) so OSX is completely new to me.

    Are any of you creating web sites on Macs? If so can you let me know what software do you use?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheap software is good, free is better. I'll spring for something if it's worth it but the Powerbook made a big dent in my wallet so I may have to get by with something cheap for a while. Thanks.


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    I just write straight HTML code in a text editor these days.

    I used to use PageSpinner, you might like to try that.

    Since you're running OSX, you can fire up apache and mySQL on the local box, run a custom DNS on the local host, and build and test your websites fully on the laptop, before bumping them over to your production web server.

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    Thanks, I'll check out PageSpinner and give it a spin.

    Any graphics suggestions? I know Photoshop is the standard (but expensive) and I usually use Paint Shop Pro on the PC. But I was thinking about trying CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11 because there's a rebate on Amazon. $299 but with a $140 rebate so that would make it only $159. Not a bad price for a suite.

    I planned on running Apache but didn't think of mySQL. Good idea.


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