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    Trouble Getting Paid From A CJ Merchant
    Here's the scenerio - and I will not name this merchant because I'm still hopeful they will pay my commissions out and we can resume doing business. (Of course, if they are not paid out correctly I will warn all of you hard working affiliates not to do business with them by plastering the their likeness over every forum and message board I can find). I want to believe what they're telling me to be true but here's what's happened so far:

    just before the Sept 10 Lock in date for August commissions all of commissions earned for the month of august were marked extended - amount earned from these guys was $1450. I initially wrote 2 or 3 times getting no response, then found a telephone # to call them. The (currently unnamed) affiliate manager said this was an issue they were working on with CJ and hope to resolve shortly. This was also followed by an email sent to all affiliate that stated the same. After a few more tel. calls and e-mails, I was able to start an e-mail dialague with the affiliate manager. We had finally resolved three days ago that they'd paypal the earned August commissions over right away and debit from out CJ account.

    Now, they're claiming top be waiting on CJ to debit our account before sending the paypal and payment 'should' be sent today.

    Who knows where this $1450 is???? certainly not credited to our bank or paypal account????

    Anyone have similar experience w/ a CJ merchant????????

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    You can find merchants that screw you over like that on any network. Not just CJ.

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    in a perfect world we would all post them as warning....but affiliates often don't mind seeing competitors screwed

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    As a affiliate I love to learn of any good or bad experiences, just in case of future business or lack there of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonpoler
    in a perfect world we would all post them as warning....but affiliates often don't mind seeing competitors screwed
    I don't think so. This type of stuff happens on any network. If the merchant does not pay CJ, CJ can't pay you..
    Like you said, if you don't get paid simply post your experience here. You will find that other ABW members, have already shared their experiences with flaky merchants.

    Looks like you are dealing with a flaky one here. As an entrepreneur, it is part of your responsibilities to decide if or when you pull the plug on them.

    Hope it works out for you,


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