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    January 17th, 2005
    Looking for an replacement- any opinions on this group? i find the site confusing as a consumer- but i like the preframed choices. I have also been impressed with affilaite support so far. Not sure about conversions or depth of inventory yet- or long term working with them.

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    January 18th, 2005
    YTD on a very, very niche site with only a small selection of product links:

    ADVERTISER Artwork and Beyond
    REVENUE $173.64
    SALES 8
    CLICKS 1,647
    IMPS 29,981
    CTR 0.055
    EPM $5.79
    CR 0.005
    EPC $10.54

    The main thrust of the site is not the artwork, but the artwork fits in the niche. The occasional sale boosts the site earnings, since the commish is usually nice size.

    They were totally out of products by one artist and haven't replaced them yet. Too bad, since most of my traffic seemed to be looking for that artist.

    I also think their site is a nightmare to navigate, thus the use of product links. Just watch when they go out of stock, though.

    All in all, not the same league as anyway, since the price range of lithographs is much higher than posters and art prints. My links were on posters pages marketing products and were a sort of "Didn't find what you wanted? Try" and the conversion was better than my ArtInaClick CR.

    I'd say that even with the ugliness of, their navigation is easier than AiAC and the pricing similar to, plus better commission structure than AiAC, and the ease of making mini-stores in the affiliate area. JMO, YMMV.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I do not heavily promote them, but I also don't hide them. I also use product links. Tracking, paying... seems ok. In fact I purchased some items for personal use last week (still waiting for delivery), and it tracked immediately.


    ADVERTISER Artwork and Beyond
    REVENUE $122.61
    SALES 7
    CLICKS 1,783
    IMPS 150,619
    CTR 0.012
    EPM $.81
    CR 0.004
    EPC $6.88

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    January 17th, 2005
    I would recommend you take a look at which has their affiliate program at . I promote, and LowCostPrints with simple links and earn more commissions plus have a better EPC with

    They don't have the selection like an but they have a 90 day cookie and pay on wholesale orders as well.

    Larry Wentz

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    January 17th, 2005
    I've used ArtInAClick for a while. They're fine, and they pay. Promote them as framed prints, not as posters, and you should see some nice sized sales.

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