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    Hi all,

    I'm learning to understand the "Usage Statistics" for my websites since I believe they can be used to optimize what I'm doing. However, there are terms that I have no clue, what it does, what it is and what it is supposed to tell me.
    They are:

    Total Hits
    Total Files
    Total Pages
    Total Visits
    Total KBytes

    Total Unique Sites
    Total Unique URLs
    Total Unique Referrers
    Total Unique User Agents


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    from my understanding(rather new at this as well)

    Total Hits - a hit is any time a browser requests a page or graphics that make up the back. Say you have 1 page with 4 small graphics and a logo in the form of a gif then it would count as 6 hits.

    Total Files - self explanatory I think, like "Total Pages" but including all the graphic files or style sheets that one requires to view a page. Might as well be Total Hits? :P

    Total Pages - how many times a page has been served?

    Total Visits - how many times your site has been accessed

    Total KBytes - self explanatory(your bandwidth used)

    Total Unique Sites - not quite sure

    Total Unique URLs - not quite sure

    Total Unique Referrers - where people are coming from to get to your site

    Total Unique User Agents - what browser a visitor is using

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    Quoting from my Host's help page:

    Each request made to the server comes from a unique site, which can be determined by a name or an IP address. The value shows how many unique IP addresses made requests to the server during the reporting time period.

    In other words, Sites is a unique visitor over that time period, so it's probably the most useful statistic in the bunch.

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