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    Kudos to BlueCherry Group!
    Lately I've been very active in questioning every reversal I receive from various SAS merchants. (I'm doing this because of SAS's complete lack of quality control when it comes to how merchants handle commissions. See This Thread )

    Yesterday I received a reversal from, managed by BlueCherry Group. A very prompt email response informed me that the sale triggered two commissions, one to a CJ affiliate, and one to me. Since they could not figure out who had the last click, they reversed my commission and asked that I switch to CJ so that it doesn't happen again.

    Needless to say, I was ticked!

    So, I wrote a very simple response asking them why they didn't cut the commission in half for each affiliate. Another quick reply told me that they were crediting my account for half of the commission!

    So, although they handled the situation poorly in the beginning, they made it right very quickly. I appreciate that!

    Moral of the story: Question EVERY reversal you receive at SAS!

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    I'm glad you got a positive outcome on this one. Merchants need to understand that if THEY make the decision to participate on multiple networks that it is THEIR responsibility to determine last cookie or resolve any conflicts in an equitable manner. Simply not paying commission is not an option and a split commission isn't necessarily fair either.

    Basically their incompetence cost one of you 50% of your commission.

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    They asked you to switch networks? I would have said "Why don't *you* chose one and stay just there?"

    If a merchant is running on multiple platforms, they need to have technology in place to credit the correct affiliate (last click) for their sales.

    I agree with rematt, that was not a good solution at all!
    Deborah Carney

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