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    our website sells a large Item with lots of choices, & options...Greenhouses. We have developed an on-line "consultant" to walk the customer through the deciding factors, and then make the sale.

    Our new datafeed setup isn't including any of the links for our greenhouse, but I was thinking... would affiliates like a feed with all the necessary information, or a generated HTML "store Front" they can modify themselves to brand it as their own?

    Any thoughts either way?

    Thanks ABW!

    Ian Larsen
    Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply
    Over 25 Years in the Greenhouse Business

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    If you really want the 'top' affiliates helping you and giving you ideas, maybe you should start your own forum on here?
    That would show us all that you are determined to make Charleys a top notch affiliate program

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    I am currently using your feed. I noticed that your greenhouse stuff was left out. Is there a simple way to include a bunch of different greenhouse "designs" or something but with no prices. This would allow us to at least show them as products - with the description saying some like "totally customized, etc, etc".

    This would get them out in the feed type sites, but allow you to close the deal with your "assistant" doing the work - which is how it should be anyway in my book.

    Just a thought....

    Goal: $10,000/month by 12/04

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    I didn't see a place to sign up?

    Jack Mitchell

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