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    P90X a good program, but not to start off on.
    Itís a good program, but you need to be up to speed, in other words itís not a good starting point. At the start just try some mild exercises at first, you donít want to overwhelm yourself to the point you resent it. This is a mistake I made time after time and day by day, donít fill your head with the thought of how you are going to lose all this weight in so much time, I understand goals are important but, they need to be achievable. take it day by day, telling yourself not to worry about the future, but live and work in the present moment.

    Here I am at my worst in the start of 2007 at over 320lbs

    No way did I start P90X at this weight.

    This is me in December 2007 almost a year later at 220 pounds

    I started small by going for a thirty-minute walks at the park after work, a little while after that I joined a gym and started taking some aerobics classes, a few months after that I raised the bar by doing a walk/run on the treadmill and after my body got used to it I was running for a full thirty-minutes no problem. But the number one thing I did was change my eating habits as soon as I changed that the weight was peeling off. One thing I would recommend would be Dr. Philís ultimate weight solution, That book sat in the corner of my closet for four years collecting dust, reading that book changed everything by the way that it gets you to look at the choices and reasons you are overweight and how to create new good habits to replace the bad ones. I started P90X to really push myself, because at the weight I was at, it was really hard to get the weight off, on a sad note in march of 2008 I injured my foot while I was playing with my kids at the park, and was unable to put any weight on it. I tried but the pain was so intense, soon after that bad habits came back and I was getting discouraged with myself. That cost me 20 pounds, luckily I was able to pull out of that tailspin of going back into the lifestyle I hated so much by concentrating on one day at a time and one workout at a time. As I write this now Iím telling myself it is time to go work out now LOL.

    Good luck and push, push and push some more.

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    Great work! Your results are amazing. I am also P90X guy. Very hard workout! Not for newbies.


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    WOW! Truly amazing results. I am impressed. Keep it up.

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    Those are extremely cool result pics.

    I checked out P90X for the first time a month ago.

    I don't really know how beginners could really get into it. While I think the change of aggressive exercises can bring a lot of results ...can they really be done by most people that want to lose weight?

    Most of the guys my age have a really tough time doing pull ups....just doing 1 or 2 is pretty tough.

    I guess I just need to start with those elastic cords.


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    The bands work really well, you just have to make sure you get a good set, the ones I got with the p90x program are a pretty good quality. I bought a pair at a big box store and they were pretty low in quality.

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    WOW I must say Great Job! When I lost my weight, I burned all of my pictures. All of my life up until I was 27 years old I was over 200 pounds now at 30 years old I am 120 pounds normal for my height. I have never heard of this program, but if it works for you then GO FOR IT!
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