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    Yahoo is putting me out of the market
    Just got this in my email. I can't afford it right now.

    Important Notification: Account Renewal Minimum Increase

    Dear Product Submit advertiser,

    Effective October 15, 2008, the minimum account-renewal amount for all credit card-funded Product Submit accounts will increase from $25.00 to $250.00. This means that you must make a minimum payment of $250.00 each time you add funds to your Product Submit account. The increased account minimum will allow you to continue to participate in the new bidded marketplace, while reducing the risk of frequently having your products taken offline because of a $0.00 account balance.

    Manual Payment Plan: Starting October 15, 2008, if you choose to renew your Product Submit account and have selected the Manual Payment Plan option, you must make a minimum payment of $250.00. If you enter an amount less than the $250.00 minimum, your transaction will be denied and your credit card will not be charged. Please note that your products will be taken offline if your account balance drops to $0.00.

    Automatic and Monthly Payment Plans: If you have signed up for either the Automatic or Monthly Payment Plan to maintain your Product Submit account, your account will be automatically switched to the Manual Payment Plan starting October 15, 2008. If you want to continue to use the Automatic or Monthly Payment Plans, you will need to log in to your account on or after October 15 2008, and re-enroll in the plan of your choice. If you enter an amount less than the $250.00 minimum to re-enroll, your transaction will be denied and your credit card will not be charged. Yahoo! will not automatically charge your credit card if you do not re-enroll in either the Automatic or Monthly Payment Plan on or after October 15, 2008, and your account will remain on the Manual Payment Plan. Please note that your products will be taken offline if your account balance drops to $0.00.

    Note: For all Product Submit account holders: If your account balance falls below $50.00 you will receive an alert notifying you to add funds to your account.

    Please contact Customer Care if you have any questions.

    - The Yahoo Product Submit team

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    I could see maybe increasing it 4x to $100, but 10x? That is wild.


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    2008 has been an interesting year for Yahoo, IMHO. They can't decide what products they want to sell, so they jump prices on EVERYTHING, assuring they'll sell less of all of them.

    Go fig.
    Kevin Webster
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    Boycott Yahoo Product Submit
    I just got the same e-mail and googled to see if there were any posting on this. This is so irritating and makes me furious how stupid Yahoo has become.

    We're in the same position. And we hope that everyone quits using Product Submit just like we are going to do. Yahoo is doing this because there is a glitch in their system. Go figure. Their system isn't real time and when you add $25 to the account it stays on for a long period of time. They basically are a bunch of idiots. We figured this out a long time ago and only throw in $25 a time because it's the same as if we would add $100 at a time.

    1. they can not give me a detailed report on the items that are clicked
    2. they can not provide me with the IP addresses of the clicks
    3. they take down your company information when your account hits 0.
    4. if you do provide them details of click fraud, they do nothing
    5. please someone out there take these illegal activites and sue the pants off of this idiotic company

    hopefully one day Jerry Yang will be taken to court and thrown in jail just like the CEO's of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, WaMu and all the others will be.

    he has already cost the Yahoo stockholders billions of dollars and will continue to do this. unfortunately, I'm sad to say that I'm a shareholder in the awful company because I keep hoping someone will wake up and fire all the head people that are running it into the ground.

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    There is a reason why Google has become the leader and not Yahoo.


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