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    The British Are Coming...

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    Little Britain is heavy stuff.

    I'm a Brit and I find some of their stuff distasteful.

    Vickie Pollard is my favourite.

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    Great looking group!

    Who says you have to be good looking to be on TV.


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    Hey, now THIS topic I know well.. Little Britain indeed...

    2 years ago I bought tickets online & made a specific trip to the UK to see Matt & David on their live stage tour, Little Britain Live (I saw them in Oxford in a small theatre).

    They picked on audience members, had a rip-roaring good time, tried to make each other laugh on stage.. and it was worth EVERY penny. It was one of the "once in a lifetime" live shows on my shortlist - last year I saw Ricky Gervais doing stand-up in London, Jerry Seinfeld twice now, and Barry Manilow in Vegas.. (I know, it makes no sense).

    I'm not sure how their US adaption will translate.. but I won't miss a minute of it...

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    Thank goodness I watched the clip.... LOL I was going to board my windows and toss out my stereo!

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