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    September 7th, 2008
    Thumbs down Was ok till paid for enterprise
    I was doing ok till I paid for service I hve ewisoft web builder and have built a beautiful site using php perl html BUT I get an eroor apatche/6.01.6 tomcat when I publish my site and click on to newly formed pages from popshops php

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    Hi, and welcome to ABW . . .

    Have you reported this to the PopShops support@ addy?

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    September 7th, 2008
    I can't get help for php and or java coding
    I wrote to popshops and told them that the pages they created using java and php showed up offline and all seemed well until I published and the drug shop and hosiery doesn't let you be redirected to the merchants site WHY? I use php on other pages also I even deleted and remade the pages to no avail

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    Error 400 with Linkshare = Bad affiliate ID
    Affiliates, if you see an "Error 400" being returned from LinkShare after a click, that is because your ID has been entered incorrectly.

    Please read how to enter the correct ID for LinkShare and assure that you are an affiliate of every merchant you have in your shop.
    Jessie Jones
    Create your custom affiliate store with PopShops.
    General support: support [at] | Merchant requests: merchants [at]
    (Include your popshops login, your shop name, and the URL or merchant you have an issue with.)

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