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    Is pulling hair allowed?
    Admit, this is a pretty silly question and could probably go to the NFL site I guess to maybe find out the answer if they list rules but ummm am feelin lazy today lol and don't wanna so am asking one of you guys figuring you'll know.

    Admit I haven't really been payin too close attention to the games but am now cos of pickin the teams. This is serious stuff now.

    Takin a little break, went upstairs to make a cup of coffee and check with the hubby to see what the scores were. Did a double take. I've seen players with long hair before but this guy's reallllllly got long hair. (let's see...Cinn. offense I think cos they just turned over the ball.) Uhh naturally I want Cinn to win so uhhh that's not very good of them. Not exactly causing marital harmony here now either. Just get finish uttering them words.....Oooooh that's not good....what does hubby say.....come on so and so, you've gotta score more points. You're just gonna have to forfeit your game cos he's one of my fantasy players. No, no....that's not how it should be. lol

    so.... my question is: Do ya get a penalty if ya just sorta run by the guy and get a fist of his hair caught in your hands somehow?? This guy's hair is reaaaalllly an easy target, can't believe ya couldn't yank a bunch of it pretty easily. Am guessin it must be a penalty or foul (uhhh too many of these sports goin on at the same time now lol so probably gettin my fouls and penalties mixed up.) lol or he wouldn't have that looooooong hair still cos somebody woulda thought of that cos that wouldn't feel too good.

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    I think there was a situation in a Pittsburgh Steelers game a couple of seasons ago when one of those really, really long-locks players was dragged down by hisw hair from behind -- and as I recall, there was no penalty.

    Not sure about all that, though. And right now I'm watching my KC Chiefs let a victory against Denver get away from them ... oh, wait -- maybe KC can pull it off after all??
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    It's allowed.

    They should tuck it in if they didn't want it yanked

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    I'm sure by the end of the season we'll see more than one player with super long hair. We were watching the pre-season Canucks/Annaheim game last night and I noticed that they all had much shorter hair than at the end of the season last year. I suppose they're all too busy to get a hair-cut -- or superstition.
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    As Gary mentioned, Troy Polomalu was indeed tackled by his hair. To his credit, he simply got up and went to the bench. Several other Steelers, however, were not as friendly to the tackler....
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    Boy, I'm reaalllly surprised they allow ya to do that. Ouch. As somebody who's got hair down past her butt, it's a good thing I'm not a football player or I'd be in big trouble.

    Guess if ya have really thick hair it might not make that big of a difference lol but I'm sure some of them big guys could really get a bunch of it in their hands, one yank and ouch, ouch, ouch. you'd have big patches of it missing.

    Troy Polomalu - think I saw where he did have his tied back at least the last time. Maybe not quite as easy of a target that way. Sure the NFL rules people don't care about my opinion but I think it should be outlawed.

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