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    Very cool stuff here. You can broadcast all your blog posts, image uploads, new videos, etc. to all your friends on every social network you use. It's not like Digg where your content is being judged. This is more like a Twitter just telling people that you created a new post somewhere.

    They've got an application key so if our site members are using you can collect their keys and share their activity with their friends. For example if a member with 500 friends across Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Plaxo, and MySpace posts a new image to my site, all his friends get linked to it immediately. They also have their own tinyurl system except the url is like which is a bit shorter than tinyurl.

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    I sat in Guy Kawasaki's keynote at BlogWorld and he mentioned that he really likes He told us to back to our hotel rooms that night and register for an account that night!
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