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    Having Trouble inserting affiliate links into my posts
    Ok so I'm giving blogging a go I just got done getting my self hosted wordpress setup, So I have my products and merchants all lined up, I just need to start inserting my links. I wrote a post on a new upcoming product to be released soon, I got a link to embed into my post, I wrote my post, switched it over to html and pasted my affiliate link, saved it, published it, when I went to go see how it looked there was nothing just my post but no link or image of the product I inserted. I go back in to admin edit and it's gone ????

    One thing I noticed is that it shows up in firefox but not IE
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    That isn't normal behavior for wordpress.

    so, the affiliate link isn't showing up but the rest of your post is?
    What happens to the words that you are linking, do they disappear too?
    What happens if you try to use the visual editor to link?

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    I think I was doing it wrong
    In the html I just pasted the link right in without any tags so I tried a <body>
    and now it's working.

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    Make sure you turn off the visual editor.
    Deborah Carney

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