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    Hi, I know this is off-topic but I am kind of desesperate and I don't know where to request help for this, only this forum where came to my mind as a place to find help...

    There is a strange problem with internet in my country (it seems) and I can not access a few sites (my sites) from any local ISP (very strange, ip direct connection or ftp to my domain has the sane problem).

    I have made a test with altavista translator (a US IP interface) and the page loads ok, so if I could get a US connection I could update my pages, I would need to call from my country to some US ISP for 5 min tu update mypage, but where can I get a free US ISP for 5 mins?

    I have had the same problem a couple of times for 1 or 2 days, but the problem now is that with the new month of november a bunch of pages are now promoting october only deals so I am loosing the money.


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    I don't know if this is what you are looking for but Netzero still has a freebie I think for about 10 hours a month, if you can stand all the adverts that come with it.


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    Fer, it is possible that the ISPs are blocking your traffic because it's originating from Argentina.

    My spam filtering software can be set to dump all mail from Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Korea and China due to the high levels of spam.

    It might be that the host is blocking access for the same reason.

    I use a proxy service called Megaproxy to get round any "routing" problems I sometimes have.. the only problem is that it doesn't handle Javascript very well.

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    Look into your HOSTS-file in C://directory.


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