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    Score for the Good Guys!
    Internet seller of magazines hit with fines in NY

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    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says Joel Simkhai is king of complaints when it comes to readers waiting for their magazines to arrive, often too late to seek a refund.

    Operating through his Web sites - which include, and - Simkhai now must pay penalties and fees as a result of settling Cuomo's investigation.

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    Short but sweet article. Keeps the bad guys on their toes, at least we hope so.
    Deborah Carney

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    There are certainly ethical magazine sellers. When the bad guys get punished it should help to even the playing field for those that are aboveboard.

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    I remember the Magsforless guy here. Interesting.

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    I was reading an article in the Houston Press (paper base) about the magazine business. Really cut throat.

    Anything goes. Call it the unrully mafia or whatever you want but it was horrible.

    I will dig for that article if they archive it online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merchant Consultant Team
    Quote Originally Posted by nakedgamer
    I remember the Magsforless guy here. Interesting.
    I've just e-mailed him a link to this thread. He contacted us a few days ago about affiliate program management services.


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    I wanted to address some issues that have been raised regarding MagsForLess in the media.

    Recently, there has been some press surrounding legal actions that involved MagsForLess. We were unable to deliver on order fulfillment for a number of customers, resulting in complaints and ultimately an investigation by the New York State Attorney Generalís Office.

    The claims against MagsForLess, for the most part, were lodged around the time that MagsForLess was expanding at a rapid pace. During this period, the necessary infrastructure was not properly in place to keep up with overwhelming customer demand. My customer service team was also not as strong as it is currently. And when customers could not get through to us, they contacted the Attorney Generalís office, which launched an investigation, and I hired a lawyer.

    In the end, the AGís office was unable to find any wrongdoing. Contrary to what has been discussed in the media, we were providing refunds to dissatisfied customers long before their investigation. It was just an overwhelming task to keep up with all customer service requests during this time.

    I am not making excuses. There IS no excuse for not delivering on a promise to customers. But I want my affiliates to know that this is not a case of greed or malice.

    As you may have read, MagsForLess chose to settle the lawsuit rather than spend our valuable time and resources on a lengthy legal battle. And now, as a company, we are trying to move past it. We have had no major customer service issues for the past year, and we are looking toward the future. That is where you come in. I sincerely hope you will stay on board as part of our extremely successful affiliate program. The company you are working with now follows up with every customer to confirm receipt of subscriptions, responds to customer emails within one business day, and processes refunds on a daily basis. We have addressed all issues (and more) and I am confident that we are back on track.

    If anyone has any additional questions you are welcome to email me at or private message me.

    We are wiser for the experience. I am excited for this new phase of MagsForLess, and I hope you are as well.



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