I remember requesting this years ago at the beginning of GC but still there looks to be no progress to get a valid w3 template for a GC (GetData) store. There so many errors in any attempt at a validation and it really is annoying when you develop a clean valid XHTML 1.1 website to then attempt to validate the Goldencan and you get several thousand errors on one page. I then tried to go down to XHTML 1 transitional and still got thousands of errors. I now have it at the lowest at HTML 4.01 Transitional and I still get several hundred errors and many warnings. I know some people don;t care less or are too lazy but I would like to have my website validated and there are many reasons for this. I now have a perfectly clean valid XHTML 1.1 new website ready to launch with a few Goldencan pages with hundreds of errors and warnings.