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    Vobucks/Advibrance anyone Know what happend?
    Has anybody been able to get in touch with Joe Nassar or Advibrance/Vobucks Network at all. When I call his number i get some guy claiming he doesn't know where Joe is and that he believes he left the country. I am sure he has left many Affiliates unpaid. If anyone knows how to get in touch with either Network please let me know. Thanks

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    I have finally been able to make contact with Joe and He advised that he no longer owns the company!! If you are an affiliate of his and you were not paid for running any of my ads through his company. You can contact me directly and I will pay last month for you. I'll take the hit on this one.


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    First you dup post this on multiple forums, then you answer it with a contact me and I'll pay ... Dude ... realistically you have seconds left on this board if you continue along this path, and not just you but everyone from your company!

    Please!!! Someone go to staples and get a
    Continued Success,

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