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    June 11th, 2007
    Add my name to the Linkshare Sucks club..
    Well, I knew it would happen eventually (based on all the negative-LS threads).

    I've been trying to get a lot of work done with Linkshare for the past 2 days, using the Linkshare website. I've never encountered so many errors in my life. It takes me about 10 minutes to do something that should take 10 seconds. I get so many error messages, and hung pages.

    Just a warning to all Linkshare mercants "I'm not adding you to any of my sites because the Linkshare website is ALWAYS down/broken/stuck/offline/erroneous."

    Merchants, when you choose to partner with Linkshare, we BOTH lose..

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    I've been trying for over two hours to just reach the site to log on.

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    LS is the only network that has two interfaces and both are broken.

    I think after they realize that neither of their interfaces work, they will launch a third interface.

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    Linkshare's demise can be surmised simply:

    Messer started along the outsourced path and then Denton went full steam ahead maximizing profit so their key personnel could spend their time coddling top affilaites while they completely ignored everyone else, now, they have zero control and are deluged with requests that they simply can't handle it.

    The sad reality is that if someone were to bring a fan to clear out all the smoke, it will break from all the sh!t that will hit it ... I guess it's a catch 22 for them. :P
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    We thought that we had really hit the bigtime when we were finally given a "contact" at LS at the last Summit. Except that she never answers our emails or returns our calls. So we still have just as many problems as ever. I guess you have to be one of their top 5 or something for them to help you with anything. It's sad because I love some of their merchants.
    --Tricia Meyer-- I love being the exception to the rule.

    Tricia Meyer | Helping Moms Connect | Wine Club Reviews and Ratings | Hunger Games Fan

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    I stand on my desk and dance the nasty every time I see an email from one of my LS merchants that they are leaving LS.

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    Biting my tongue so I don't scream, 'I TOLD YOU SO!"

    Maybe next time you'll listen to me? Nah.

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