This is getting real old real quick. I've been getting the run-around (when I'm not ignored) from CJ & eBay. Here's a private message to Todd of CJ regarding eBay's affiliate program and his response.


What's up w/'s affiliate manager & their lack of communication? There are obvious problems with their tracking & there is nobody to contact. I've seen countless times on the front page of Commission Junction the picture of Kari King of I called eBay today and was told that there is nobody by that name in their directory! If nobody is handling their affiliate program, that may explain why all of my emails through CJ's messaging system have gone unanswered.
Can you please look into this for us?
Is there any penalty you can enforce for their abhorrent treatment of their affiliates?
Please refer to the numerous posts here as well as on eBay's own affiliate discussion board.
Please also keep us up to date as to the progress of tracking down their MIA affiliate manager!
You could at least take down eBay's case study as it only makes CJ look bad to those of us who know the real story! I'm also sick of looking at Kari King's picture...
Thank you,


Kari recently married so I assume her last name has changed. I also know that she works in a different department now. I suggest you email or ask to speak to their program manager next time you call eBay.

I am unaware of eBay's tracking problems. I have not seen their email that they sent out either. I do not handle their account and am currently in our London office.

Finally, I never check these PMs and wouldn't have noticed this if you hadn't said something on the boards. I wasn't ignoring you.

Todd Crawford
Commission Junction

First of all, he did not read the posts I referred him to. CJ says it's eBay's fault & I need to contact their affiliate manager. eBay says it's CJ's fault & I need to contact them.

I realize you're in the London office, but there are these things I like to call telephones & something you may have heard of called email. You can contact somebody & inform them that tracking is not working correctly for eBay and countless other merchants.
You choose not to.
Had I had this "conversation" with you on the phone, this is where I'd ask to speak with your supervisor.
Somebody on both ends, apparently, has dropped the ball, but nobody will admit to it. Whether it's because of laziness, pride, or ignorance, I don't care! We need tracking to work. We need to be paid what we earn.
If you're reading any of the other posts in your own forum, you'd see that there's nobody to contact via telephone and using email and CJ's messaging system is fruitless.

BTW, Todd, check your PM's! That's unbelievably unprofessional for you not to. This is something that I wanted to remain private, but because this is the only place you'll see it, I have no choice but to post it here.

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