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    Hi there,

    I want to rebuild a trial version of my mini content management software, but not
    sure which evaluation period to choose. Now it's 30 days.

    Somewhere I found a posting saying 30 days are too long, suggesting 7 days are
    enough to evaluate.

    Is this a philosophical question? What do you mean?

    Thank you


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    7 days is long enough to know if you want it.

    30 days is great for someone who can not afford it right now, but you are slowly getting them hooked so they can not live without it the longer they use it.

    You should make a poll out of this question. It’s a great Poll question.

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    I think FourthWorld (see their ABW Forum) has the right idea with their WebMerge demo. It is fully functional, with no expiration, but will only do a small sample of what it's capable of doing (you can create 20 pages, but that's all).

    I like this, as some people have a longer learning curve than others, sometimes things come up and you don't have time to play with the demo, etc., so placing a time period on things can go against you.

    I've downloaded demos a few times, only to find out that my schedule had changed, and by the time I got around to trying it, it was too late! Needless to say, I never bought it because I felt cheated, even though it probably did work for the time period specified.

    Consider offering a fully functional version that isn't limited to a specific time frame, but limits the user's ability to just a small sampling.


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