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    Angry This is really Weird!
    I got this email from a merchant I have been promoting and have sent quite a few sales to previously.

    We appreciate your taking the time to apply for the California Wine Club Affiliate Program.

    The California Wine Club tries to choose affiliates and their sites that best match the company's content and objectives for advertising its products and services.

    When affiliate applications are denied, it is because there didn't seem to be a good match.

    If you believe we should reconsider you - please email us at: (emial adress here)

    Please do not call The California Wine Club for these issues.

    We again thank you for applying, and we wish you much success in the future.

    California Wine Club
    My email back to them is:

    To the California Wine Club,

    I find your email very strange because I have not applied to be on your program I have actually been signed up for 2 years and have sent you many sales equaling thousands of dollars in that time. Maybe the sales have not come lately but I expect that to change in the following months since I have just released several days ago a new upgraded website that should send more sales.

    What website is it that meets your requirements, please provide more details and also explain the reasons why you have terminated my account which I take very seriously? I also find it strange you have an email address that I don't recognize as been from your company? You also include an entire different email to respond to you.

    You could consider adding promotions to the ShareASale daily feed or create an RSS feed to put you up there with top merchants. Just telling an affiliate that you are denying their application especially to someone who has been putting a lot of effort to promoting your company is very rude. You should consider going online and joining up with some of the affiliate forums like ABW and read how many affiliates are sick and tired of promotion hungry managers treating affiliates like as you have done. It is completely arrogant, selfish and disrespectful. How dare you send me this after all I have done to promote your company and especially after I have sent all those sales your way previously.

    By the way, thanks for disrupting an otherwise productive last few hours, it is very annoying when I have to deal with time wasting affiliate managers your you! Now I will go back to my work which is placing links online... I will discuss this online and your welcome to respond there.
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    Apparently the canned email that goes out for rejected affiliates also goes out if you are removed later. Although that email is automatic and would make no sense, it gets sent. A good affiliate manager would then follow it up, or precede it, with a personal contact email. I actually think they would need to send it before declining you, I am not sure if the contact button works after you remove an affiliate from your program.
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    I agree with loxly. It could have been some miss up. But that happened to me also, so don't worry, tehnologies these days could really add up

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    It seems like a typical automated email. Very annoying and if as you say you have sent them thousands of dollars in sales it also seems very foolish of them not to have contacted you with what was the specific issue that caused them to severe the relationship before taking action. Have they written back in response to your email?

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    I once joined an SAS merchant, got accepted, then got an automated email TWO DAYS AFTER I WAS ACCEPTED telling me something about "since you have failed to put up any links or generate any activity since you have been with our program, we regret ..." -- something like that. I think the email also said I would have something like 7 days (don't remember exactly how long) to get some activity going or they would be forced to drop me from the program.

    After I stopped laughing, I fired off a somewhat angry email explaining that I had just joined their program and, since they were all that concerned, I would not be doing anything with them.

    I never put up a single link. They never booted me and still continue to send me regular newsletters, updated info, etc. -- but if they aren't any more competent than that at running the program I almost would be afraid to waste any time and effort on them. If I should get some sales, would they track? Would I ever really see any money from them.

    Too many affiliate managers and merchants are simply clueless, I think.
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    I agree with what you have said, though I can't speak for the wine club. I understand that they took the program in-house in a cost-cutting move and obviously do not understand what they are doing. Since I know the parties involved, and tried to help the outside vendor who was managing it for a few months before they took it in-house, I will see what I can do to improve the situation. From what I could determine so far, they arbitrarily declined hundreds of people.
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    Hi Jack,
    thanks for looking into this and I understand now that they have an in house manager which is why they are probably unaware of previous transactions. I'm not going to bother at this point in pursuing it any further.
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