I have been with Value Click for some time, and today I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and willingness to assist me with my needs.

My initial letter:
While attempting to place links I notice an onslaught of pop-ups. Is there a way to automatically exclude any merchants that utilized popup?

If there is no way to accomplish this task, please consider separating merchants by what they offer. It will require hours to go through each and every merchant to exclude those that promote pop-ups.

There answer the next day
This letter will confirm that we have excluded from our pop-under program per your request. If we may be of further assistance please feel free to contact us again. Thank you!


On another note:

ValueClick is sending private offers similar to Linkshare:

(I changed all the names to maintain privacyJ

Hi Sandra,

JohnDoe from the Valueclick BLAH office here.

I was wondering if you could help me out with a campaign I am delivering at the minute.
Running from November to the end of December it is a CPA campaign targeted at US IPs.

The client is called JANE DOE, they supply FREE BLAH BLAH and the revenue share is staggered as such:

From 0 to 500 leads : $0.00 per lead
501 - 1000 leads : $0.00 per lead
1001 - 1500 leads: $0.00 per lead
1501 - 2000 leads: $0.00 per lead
2000 + : $.00 per lead

The ad formats we have for this are: 120*60, 300*250, 120*600, 468*60, 240*400, 120*240, 728*90 125*125 & 234*60 and last but not least, text link
Campaign available on your hs259478 CPA account.

Could you get back to me with ideas?

I’m enjoying this new ValueClick interactivity.