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    Is shopster hijacking links from live support and phone support?
    i have a concern, on my shopster site, under my account link at the bottom of my site theres a live support and phone support button from live person at do we get credit and is our site still tracked, if customers use the live support features from or are we simply being hijacked and lose our sales and customers??

    just curious about this. cause this sure looks like i way to bypass the compensation we are supposed to get for sales.

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    Hi JC101
    If I understand you correctly, you are concerned that Shopster could be hijacking product sales from you when a visitor clicks on the live help button in your storefront.
    I would like to assure you that this would never be the case. Our business depends on growing and maintaining successful retailers, therefore it would not make any sense for Shopster to steal sales from our own customers.
    If you still have concerns about this, I would encourage you to use the live help and simulate a customer. I promise you that we would never do anything to steal or highjack your customers.

    Marketing Manager
    Shopster e-Commerce Inc.

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