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    Skype calls
    I understand that for a fee you can use Skype from your computer to land lines. I also understand that you can use it for free with computer to computer calls. Does you computer (and the one you are calling) need to have a "phone number" of some sort? If so, how do you get one?

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    Seems to me you should be reading the Skype website...


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    You can call anyone who has the skype client on their computer over broadband, if they have microphone and speakers. This is free. You use their skye id to make the call.

    You can also purchase a telephone number from Skype, and make and receive calls to and from landlines from your skype client. This isn't free.

    The product is called skypeln

    Search for that on the Skype website and you'll get the info relevant to your country.

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    you can receive skype calls back and forth from other skype users for free, all you need is a free skype account set up on your computer, and a headset with microphone.

    To call landlines, yes I believe there is a small fee, your recipient doesn't need a special phone number, you just call their usual landline.

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