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    Discovery Channel dumps New York Affiliates
    Discovery Channel is on CJ.

    Dear Affiliate,

    In response to the proposed "Amazon Tax" that imposes certain tax registration and collection obligations and which was recently enacted in New York State, The Discovery Channel Store has decided to terminate its relationships with all New York based affiliates.

    We appreciate your understanding.

    The Discovery Channel Store Affiliate Team

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    wonder how many more merchants are just waking up to this . . . and too late to avoid the tax obligation, also.

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    they are owned by Liberty Media Family

    Which also owns Shari's Berries, BuyCostumes , Cherry Moon Farms , Proflowers , QVC , Secret Spoon , Worldwinner , Zoombak... the Atlanta Braves and a whole lot more
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    Try sending them the links to the sample documents, they may not know there is a solution and that sample documents exist. Include a short note explaining that other merchants, (major merchants including 4Checks and New Egg...) have implemented these simple steps.

    To make it easier for everyone to email merchants include these paragraphs in your letters to merchants --

    There are two simple steps merchants and affiliates need to take to comply with the NY tax law.

    There are two documents to download that include steps merchants need to take and more importantly, sample agreements.

    Here is a brief summary:

    Step one is to add terms to affiliate agreement. Out of state merchants need to add a contractual condition to their affiliate program terms that prohibits New York affiliates from solicitation activities.

    We now have the paragraphs that need to be added to terms.

    Step two is Proof of compliance. This is accomplished by requiring affiliates to submit on a yearly basis, a signed certification that they, the affiliate, have in the previous year complied with the terms of the agreement. This agreement is due on or before May 31 of every year and must be retained by the merchant.

    We now have a sample agreement.

    Here is the link to our version of letter outlining steps to take and all the sample agreements. Letter to merchants outlining Merchant's Two Steps to Comply with NY Internet Tax Law

    We are also providing the lawyers' version of letter to merchants. This detailed versions offers some background information and additional details that some CFO's, CEO's and others might prefer. Detailed Information on How to Comply with Tax Law
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