You would think that because I am based in Chicago, I would have known this already...but one of our merchants is getting featured on Oprah today!

You probably know HCI Books from their Chicken Soup for the Soul series (btw, these undoubtedly do well during the giving season, all that heartwarming stuff ) These same guys are also releasing "Dare to Forgive," and the author, Ned Hallowell, MD, is going to be on Oprah.

I know and you know that this means a million zillion people and their mother are going to search for Doc Hallowell and his book! So, may as well have a link available for them, eh?

Here's a link to join , if you have questions, you can contact Jaron at HCI, I just chatted with him and his team this morning, and they are really gung ho about getting their affiliate program off and running, so I know he'd love to hear from you!