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    Lightbulb Affiliate marketing start up question.
    Hi everyone, I've been reading around and decided that maybe my idea on how to get it going is not going to work based on what I've read. So i decided to write how I'm going to begin see if someone can maybe give me a few pointers.

    I'm currently finishing up an e-book, I have the landing page done. My idea was to sign-up for example to where you can get a single product account for free or maybe Clickbank, then once others start sending traffic, my lading page would include my affilate link code to my own affiliate program and offer a 50% split. Is that a good way to get affiliates?

    What I'm kind of confused in is that, I only have 1 e-book and my main website I'm developing is strickly for marketing so it's not really a merchant site where consumers can come and shop around, I want to be able to offer my affilaites more then one product, so I wanted to have other merchants join me. I've reviewed serval products like alstrasoft(Negative, Glad I didn't go with it), DT (A bit expensive for me right now), Leadhound (A bit out of my league right now), anyother suggestions as to what software I can use for this?

    If not, can you tell me if this is possble ------>> I'll stick with only an affiliate software and maybe I can become an affiliates of other sites and have my affiliates promote them and I split my affiliate earnings with them?. Is that possible to track with most affiliate software?

    Thanks much.

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    So you are writing an ebook to market on single product networks to get affiliates to sell it and you want our advice on if it will work? I think the over whelming advice is to not market ebooks or at least no here. This is not a Clickbank forum and ebooks are frowned up as they are really an MLM scheme to get people to buy your advice on how to make money which is to sell ebooks and to get others to sell your ebook.

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    If you are going to drop ship the other products, maybe. You can't have affiliate links on your site if you are going to try and have affiliates selling your product. You need to do some more reading and learning before you try and use affiliate marketing to promote your product. Whether it is an ebook or not, a single product site is difficult to "sell" to affiliates to promote. They want established merchants with a decent amount of products before they dedicate time to marketing a site.
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    Thanks alot Chuck & Loxly. This really helped, I'll keep reading and see what I come up with. Guess I got a lot of reading to do..

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