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    Are Web Updates a Casualty of the Economic Crash?
    Over the past few weeks, I've noticed an increasing number of "major" retail store web sites that are out-of-date. These are not "retail e-commerce" sites, but the web sites for major chain retailers that don't sell products online.

    I know that many of these companies tend to have "timeless" web sites, which are rarely updated (and thus may include information for stores that have closed, hours that have changed, etc.) but I usually don't find "expired offers."

    Today's example: at the web site, the home page consists of little more than a single offer ("free eye exam and free second pair of eyeglasses") which expired on August 30.

    I've noticed a number of similar issues on other retailers' web sites over the past few weeks; my impression is that I'm seeing more of these "dated" sites than I did just six months ago.

    Does this represent a broader trend, in which companies are cutting costs by firing their web development agencies? What does it say about a company when its web site is very visibly out-of-date? What does this portend for the economy?

    I think that this might represent a unique opportunity for e-tailers, whose web sites are up-to-date. In fact, this might be a good reason to make "visible changes" to e-tailer web sites, just to demonstrate that the company isn't running on empty like some of the offline retailers.
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