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    Ladies and Gentlemen of Abestweb:

    I just wanted to comment to all of you on the negative posts occurring on this board since Sara's announcement.

    First of all, I know that Abestweb and Pepperjam have a pretty rocky past. I can't say for sure why we havenít had a better relationship here but I know that at least a big part of it stems from a failure on Pepperjam's part to communicate well on the issues.

    I accepted Haiko's invitation to speak at the Affiliate ethics panel in Boston and I think he would be the first to state that I was very open and treated Haiko in particular with nothing but respect. I tried to lay out Pepperjam's position on the issues and in doing so had a very valuable dialogue with Brian Littleton from SharaSale.

    Believe me when I say that every person on that panel had a sincere interest in moving affiliate marketing forward in the most ethical way possible.

    I mean this sincerely when I say that Pepperjam's only interest is in building a company that helps bring transparency and innovative technology to the affiliate marketing industry.

    I would love to spend time talking personally to each and everyone one of you about your specific concerns. Netshops is an amazing company that Pepperjam has been working with to sincerely improve their affiliate program offerings.

    I have a ton of respect for this board and I have used it for years as a top-notch resource for affiliate industry information. This board is a constant advocate for ethics in affiliate marketing and as such I think you bring incredible value to our industry.

    Pepperjam has gone through a long evolution as an affiliate marketing company. We started as affiliates but our focus is now on building an affiliate network that truly helps move our space forward in an innovative direction. I would personally love each and every one of you to comment on what you think we should do to provide a better affiliate marketing experience for advertisers and affiliates alike.

    Additionally, I have taken a lot of personal heat about an interview I did with Marcus Tandler for his blog. When I talked about the "gray" area all I meant was the zone of innovation where emerging marketing techniques were being utilized by sophisticated affiliates to drive business. I most certainly was not referring to unethical practices. I am an outspoken advocate and supporter of doing whatever is necessary to make this industry more ethical. I think that affiliates are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs anywhere.

    Pepperjam is not the company that you think it is. While we have made mistakes and not done some things as well as we should, we are a group of young online marketers that are truly trying to do something different in affiliate marketing.

    You can contact me directly at: or give me a call at 570-408-9861 and I will talk to anyone about any issues at all.

    I really want to address the negativity here. If you hear me out and still choose to hate Pepperjam then so be it. But I would love to attempt to communicate with all of you clearly before any final decisions are reached.


    Michael Jones

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    Hi Michael,

    Good to see PPJ posting again and thank you for finally coming to the defense of one of your merchants. It made no sense to me at all that you'd leave Nate and NS out there like that.

    As for ABW hearing you out, there are still many issues left up in the air from the PPJ forum from when you [company] left since. If you really care to make headway in terms of trust or open communications I suggest you start at the beginning and en masse, not the one on one private deal / discussion tactic. To assuage the trepidations it should be to everyone, if not for the time saving efforts if not to address the "failure on Pepperjam's part to communicate well on the issues."

    If I can help facilitate or assist in anyway please don't hesitate to ask.

    Admin Note: I'm moving the thread to the PPJ forum.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    Michael, I'm glad you addressed the video containing comments you made about "that gray space". As the COO of PepperJam, your public comments are naturally construed as representing PepperJam philosophy and policy, whether they're only your personal opinion or not. As you know, most ABW members endeavor to hold ethical affiliate marketing in the highest esteem and deal with the consequences of unethical methods that affect their bottom line on a daily basis. As a result they [we] are sensitive to nuances alluding to the compromise of ethics and become very passionate in our response. If indeed you are sincere as you mentioned several times, and are honestly working toward building a business that caters not only to the interests of your merchants but to those of your affiliates equally as well, you may have a chance of reconciling the relationship with many here. That said, straight, no nonsense dialog will take it the rest of the way.
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