Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Hireko Golf affiliate program!


* 10% commission
* $90.00 average sales order
* Over 26 years of experience as a leader in the golf industry
* Over 120 pages of top quality club heads, shafts, grips, and supplies
* The only major golf company with a FREE! Tech Line!
* 30-day commission duration
* BYOL available
* Datafeed available

Cutting Edge Custom Golf Clubs, Factory Direct!

Since 1980, Hireko and Dynacraft Golf have served the golf community. Our accomplishments include offering the internet's first online golf club component shopping site, creating the Dynacraft Shaft Fitting Index, publishing multiple how-to golf component books, and we are now offering a FREE online interactive clubfitting module that enables golfers to purchase the ultimate set of custom fit golf clubs. For over 26 years, Hireko and Dynacraft have earned the reputation as being one of the most dependable, courteous, and knowledgeable companies in the golf industry. Our Technical Support staff has become legendary for it's depth of golf wisdom and quick response time.

Contact: raltomonte[at]