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    Thumbs down So what is the secret PepperJam?
    I have brought this up in another thread, but now it's gotten to the point that it deserves to be directed at PJN itself.

    What is the secret to getting approved to Pepperjam?

    I have stated I manage 18 companies that do affiliate marketing. All of them belong to the biggies like CJ, GAN, SAS, and Adsense/Yahoo etc in one format or another depending on the need of the site.

    Months ago I signed up 4 of the companies with PJN as part of the move that ebay made from CJ to EPN to PJN. They were all approved, no problems everything worked out fine.

    Recently though there are a few offers that I have seen on PJN that would work well with a couple of other sites/companies. We applied and were rejected. No explanation of why just that "oh well, go away" attitude. Fine you don't want our business I have no problems working with other networks.

    Today I got another call from an associate that applied to a fast growing site that thought I thought he could make it work well with both NetShops and Ebay. Naturally it was rejected. The reply to him was terse and actually rude.

    Now 3 instances doesn't make a conspiracy, but as I have stated in another thread I count about 7 others all being rejected. These same folks are all working currently with CJ, SAS, GAN and other very good networks. Some been working with them for YEARS. There is absolutely no reason I can see that they would rejected.

    So what's the big secret to getting approved lately?

    Do they need extremely thin sites that have no purpose other than promoting pepperjam merchants?

    I see NO reason why networks would not explain to publisher why their applications are denied. You can't use the bullshit excuse "to keep out the scammers and blackhatters" because THEY are the ones getting approved, and not to mention if your screening process is solid enough there is no way they can get past it even with knowing the parameters.

    You have touted "transparency" but there is no transparency in your application process and the way you treat new applicants is downright rude in my opinion. If you actually take the time to screen applicants then you know what the issue is and perhaps you might make a short paragraph (if they are worth your time) to let them know how to improve their site to get approved.

    Quite frankly between EPN and PJN lately and the secretive crap it's getting downright frustrating for new affiliate marketers. As with ANY industry if you don't get new blood it will stagnate and die.

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    Well Pepperjam has officially read this thread. I guess I should not expect a response due to the fallout PJN had with Haiko.

    However I encourage the PJN representative/owner/whatever to contact me directly via e-mail (you can do so through ABW here). I would gladly like to hear their response and perhaps get some feedback on how to help honest affiliates get approved to their network on a more consistent basis.

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    Any perceived"fallout" was because of their abandonment from the real questions posed to them (like the one above) that were to help edify affiliates of the issues out there and that we didn't buy the sunshine and lollipop stories and rhetoric replies.

    It does appear now that they want to respond as they see they really need to rectify their image, with affiliates for their long term viability.

    PJN, has never been blocked nor precluded in anyway from responding, actually I've only encouraged it, and as late as earlier today asked if I can help or facilitate in anyway, so please do not misconstrue, in anyway, PJN's non response as anything to do with me or as a result of my actions nor beliefs.
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    Haiko in no way did I mean to imply that you had blocked them responding. As they can clearly login and read messages here that pretty much means they can answer as well. I have very familiar with vbulletin and know why you can do that it's just not worth it most of the time.

    I did, however, check their previous posts. The last time pepperjam replied to anything on ABW was April 2nd, 2008. It was at that point that I though perhaps if they won't respond here then perhaps they will be willing to e-mail me.

    Honestly I like their interface and setup of the network. However, to deny new applicants so quickly without explanation and to be rude about it is just wrong and not a good way to get new affiliates. I am sorry if they have had so many problems with scammers or BH affiliates but that is not my problem. Every network as to deal with those issues and none so far have been so strict in their responses.

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    I joined PJN about two days before I first read anything about them here. Although I'm in the PJN and get almost daily "new merchants" emails, I've never promoted any of their merchants or put up any links to anything to do with PJN.

    Due to a ton of stuff on another forum related to Ebay Partners Network (NOT the EPN forums, however) I decided to apply to the eBay program on PJN as a sort of "emergency" or "backup" or even "trial" alternative to EPN.

    That was more than a month ago. I sent them contact email via my PJN dashboard -- and got no response whatsoever. That was about a week and a half ago. As of right now, my status for eBay at PJN is still "Pending" -- with no information from them, rude or otherwise. LOL!

    Don't think I need to wait up nights for decisions about using or not using PJN merchants in the future. Other than getting auto emails from PJN urging me to sign up for their merchants, there's nothing going on??
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    I believe that the Ebay program in PJN is just as backed up as the EPN program itself. It isn't the PJN folks that approve the applications, and I have pointed out in the EPN forum that I believe there is some major problems within the ebay affiliate program.

    However it is affecting the "look" of PJN. Let's take it from a new affiliate POV.

    They sign up to Pepperjam and get denied. They try again and again and finally get approved. THEN they sign up for on PJN. Weeks go by and no approval. How can this be good for PJN after they advertised and promoted they had as an advertiser?

    This has to be frustrating for a new affiliate, and those affiliates that buy programs like BANS. Many BANS users are finding that they pay $97.00 for a script. They setup a site, take time to template it and make it look fairly decent, and then apply to EPN and/or PJN/

    Only they don't get approved. They are either waiting, or outright denied. Ebay has said it has no problems with the BANS script, but people are paying $97 for it and not getting approved. That has to be frustrating.

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